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Autumn and Burlap

Julie and Tyler were a wonderful couple who had one of the cutest weddings I was at this year. But I wasn’t surprised when they showed up and decked the ballroom out… the decor matched exactly who they are. They are a hard working couple with kiddos that are very involved in activities and even though they are going a million miles an hour, they never forget to smile and laugh.

They really embraced the fall with tier flowers and personal touches. the combination of dahlias, mums and other flowers with great textures and colors created a softer centerpiece than roses could provide. I was also a big fan of the wood slice table numbers, so unique.


They took a great approach to a tradition I have seen many time sat weddings: the sane ceremony. Traditionally the bride and groom each have a bottle of sand that represents them. Once I had a couple that were from opposite coasts so their sand came from the Atlantic and Pacific to represent where they came from, it was really touching. But I digress. The cool thing they did was that they included their children in this process. They wanted their ceremony not only to represent themselves coming together, but of two families becoming one. Each member had a different color to represent them within the family bottle.

They created a timeline of their relationship and hung it across the back wall so that all their guests that had come to celebrate where they are going, could see how far they have already come together.

They added a nice touch with the sticks in mason jars behind our candle stand to give it some extra flair.

Their guest book and gift tables were very Pinterest inspired but so elegantly done. It took me a minute to realize that the bottles didn’t just have cute decorations but also sent a message…

Do you see it???

Each of the bottles on the right represented a major moment in their life and what they had drank to celebrate those moments. It was a great conversation starter.

Their boutonnieres are some of the most unique and interesting ones I have seen in a long time. I like how they didn’t default to the stand flower. Don’t they look a little like artichokes?

I also make sure I got a close up of one of many adorable, hand crafted vases that held candles and flowers throughout the ballroom and the back gardens. I think the key is how many layers there are the decorations around the mason jar that make it so impressive. What a great day!