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Disney Main Street Themed Wedding

Teresa and Matt had a fabulous idea for their wedding. They actually brought the idea of being a Disney princess to life by hosting a Disney themed wedding. As it turns out Teresa was a HUGE Disney fan and her favorite part about going to Disneyland was walking down Main Street. So it only made sense that they would use that as their inspiration as they decorated the ballroom for their big day.

Their tables featured light blue, organza overlays to offset the soft pink and white centerpieces. The combination of hydrangeas and roses helped set the mood which was enhanced by candles that were lit for the reception. It was a bit of a blustery day (get the Disney reference there?) so the candlelight made for a cozy atmosphere.

Here you can see more touches of the Main Street theme in the lamp posts and clock at the alter, which was also a nod to Cinderella. Another ode to Cinderella that isn’t seen here is the beautiful dress Teresa walked down the aisle in. It is the Cinderella gown as part Disney’s Wedding dress collection!

IMG_20130928_164749_609In the alcoves towards the back of the ballroom they put cute antique tea sets with candles to carry on their theme. As you can guess, this was to celebrate like the Mad Hatter and the March Hare in Alice in Wonderland.

IMG_20130928_164809_375Some more lights helped set the mood as guests entered the ceremony.

IMG_20130928_164820_060Here is a unique touch that I found to be quite sweet. I had seen this phrase before but I thought it was ingenious to have it made into a custom decal for the altar. It allowed them to make the ballroom custom fit to their needs while following our decor requirements.

IMG_20130928_164837_489A sweet reminder that we should all remember when we are attending the special day of couples in our lives. We are here to celebrate so let’s do it together and party all night!