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Event Guidelines


We can accommodate up to 120 guests comfortably in the ballroom and we also have a covered outdoor garden terrace for guests to enjoy year  round.


Please join us at our open house every Wednesday from 6pm – 8pm. (Please RSVP to open house)
All other tours are scheduled by apptointment only based on availability on Tues. & Thurs.

What is INCLUDED In a Friday, Saturday or Sunday Rental?

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  • Ballroom: large open floor plan for ceremony and reception featuring 15ft coved ceilings and elegant crystal chandeliers
  • Altar: arched ceiling with stage lighting and two 2 ½ ft tall white pillars
  • Bridal Suite:  beautiful  room with 3-way mirror, large vanity, plenty of seating,  private bathroom, kitchen and air conditioning
  • Groom’s Room:  masculine room with a 42” flat screen TV, plenty of seating, sink and air conditioning
  • Kitchen: 2 ovens, 10 gas burners, microwave, 3 bin sink, dishwasher and a large commercial refrigerator
  • Bar: built in bar with 4 bin sink, instant hot water, refrigerator and plenty of counter space
  • Schoolhouse:  a 400sq ft building adjacent to the ballroom that is generally used for the buffet
  • Covered garden terrace for guests to enjoy year round
  • Beautiful lighted northwest inspired landscaping
  • Choose any caterer, or self cater with full use of our kitchen at no fee
  • Banquet tables and chairs
  • Initial setup of ballroom tables, chairs and any ballroom rental items
  • Transition from ceremony to reception completed  by ballroom staff
  • Breakdown of ballroom tables, chairs and ballroom rental items
  • One event booked per day
  • Sound system: PA,  5 disc CD changer, IPod hook up and microphone in main ballroom
  • A complimentary one hour rehearsal
  • Air conditioning throughout building


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  • Reservations are accepted on a first come basis. In order to reserve your event date, a signed contract and a non-refundable 50% deposit of the Venue Fee is due. Complete credit card and billing authorization is also required at this time.
  • 90 days in advance of your event date: Remaining 50% balance of the Venue Fee is due
  • 30 days in advance of your event date: $500 Security Deposit, Alcohol Fee (if serving alcohol) and any Rental Items + Sales Tax is due.

(Included in the Security Deposit is a $125.00 clean up fee that is non-refundable. The remaining Security Deposit balance will be refunded by The Antheia Ballroom following the event.)

*We accept cash, good check and credit cards with the current transaction fee.
*All fee’s are subject to change without notice, and all payments are non-refundable.
*Offers may not be combined or substitutions made and please inquire for holiday rates.


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There are 2 options for ceremony seating:

  1. Guests seated at the tables.
  2. Guests seated ceremony/theater style.

With this set up the tables must be pre-set and placed on the sides of the room. The maximum seating will have up to 10 rows with 6 chairs per row on each side of the aisle, (total 120). For ceremonies smaller than this, rows will be removed and spaced apart based on your guest count.


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If the room requires a transition from ceremony to reception, the Antheia Ballroom staff will quickly convert the room which generally takes 15 minutes.  After your ceremony the Officiant will make an announcement for all of your guests to go to the covered back gardens for appetizers, receiving line, etc.


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In order to serve alcohol at any event the client must provide all alcohol and follow these steps:


Please choose desired option to be paid to the Antheia Ballroom at the 30 day meeting

  • $200 Alcohol Fee for any event serving beer (in kegs), wine & champagne.   2 keg maximum
  • $400 Alcohol Fee for any event serving beer (in kegs), wine, champagne & hard liquor.  2 keg maximum & 2 types of hard liquor maximum

Both options include: use of the built in bar area, 4 bin sink, instant hot water, refrigerator, wine glasses, beverage/beer  glasses, toasting flutes, coffee service (includes 2 silver urns each brewing up to 110 cups with regular & decaf coffees, mugs, cream & sugars) 3 gallon acrylic drink dispenser ,  2 water pitchers, 1 ice bucket & scoop, and containers for keg(s)


Client must hire Antheia Ballroom’s in house bartending OR a licensed and insured bartending company. Minimum insurance coverage applies. Ask Antheia Ballroom for more details.


Client must purchase a Banquet Permit, from any WA State Liquor Store for $10 to allow alcohol onto the premises.


  • Alcoholic beverages may only be served by the client hired bartenders at the bar after the room transition is completed.
  • The Antheia Ballroom & client hired bartender reserve the right by law to refuse or cease alcoholic beverage service to any guest deemed to be intoxicated. All guests will be subject to showing legal identification of age.
  • Alcohol and beverage service must end one hour prior to the end of your rental time.


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Client may use any catering company, or self cater and use our kitchen at no fee. We do offer discounted all inclusive catering options so please ask for details. Client is responsible for completing clean up checklist posted in the kitchen to satisfaction of Antheia Ballroom staff. Many caterers include clean up as part of their services but client is responsible for confirming this information. If Self catering, client will be responsible for completing checklist.


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The kitchen includes counter space, 2 ovens, 8 gas burners, microwave, 3 bin sink, dishwasher and a large commercial refrigerator.  We also have an additional 400 square foot building outside called “The Schoolhouse” where you may serve your food, buffet style. You must leave the kitchen in the condition it was found & complete the kitchen cleaning list prior to the end of the rental time. Generally our kitchen is used as a warming and  prep area by caterers.  If you choose to rent our dish ware you are responsible to bus dish ware, scrape, rinse and neatly stack items in the bus tubs, located in the kitchen. The client is not responsible for washing the dishes. We do not have any pots, pans or utensils for on site prep. All of those items will need to be brought by the client or caterer.


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The Antheia Ballroom does not require insurance, although it is recommended especially if alcohol will be served at the event. We suggest WedSafe’s Event-Wedding Liability Insurance with Host Liquor Liability (


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A complimentary one-hour rehearsal is included in any wedding rental and may only be used and scheduled prior to the event date. Rehearsals are scheduled no sooner than the 30 day meeting and are held Tuesday – Thursday based on availability.


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The Antheia Ballroom has a driveway on the north side to be be used for loading and unloading, and  is also where the lift/wheelchair access is located.  The driveway may also accommodate up to 3 vehicles. There is ample street parking all within a block of the ballroom.  Also any time after 6pm Monday-Friday or any time on Saturday or Sunday there is a Dentist/Rehabilitation office on the corner of Avenue D & 3rd Street which will accommodate most of your guests.


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There are three BIG advantages to renting items from the Antheia Ballroom

  • No hassles!  You don’t have to order and pick up items from a different location and lug them to the ballroom!
  • Easy set up!  Items rented from the Antheia Ballroom will be set up prior to your arrival!
  • No returns! You don’t have to box up items at the end of the night, haul them into your car, and return them promptly!


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All decorations must be freestanding and removed after the event. Birdseed, confetti, natural flower petals, glitter and rice or any other item ½ inch in diameter are prohibited from being thrown or used as decorations both inside the ballroom and anywhere on the property. In addition to these items, fake flower petals are not permitted outside of the ballroom on any part of the property. Staples, tacks, nails, screws or anything that penetrates or otherwise damages the premises are strictly prohibited. Tape of any kind (except gaffer tape) on any surface, both inside and outside, are strictly prohibited. Any candleholders and candles not rented from the Antheia Ballroom must be drip-less or tea light candles and the candle holder MUST be 2 inches above the flame and located in the center of the table. This is to ensure that the candles meet proper fire safety restrictions. Candles may NOT be placed in the windows. Antheia Ballroom is not responsible for aesthetic choices and their appearance. If you plan to bring in ANY candles, the containers must be brought to the 30 Day meeting to receive approval. Antheia Ballroom reserves the right to not all any décor and/or candles that don’t meet facility and fire code requirements.


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Included in the Security Deposit is $125 clean up fee that is non-refundable. The client is responsible to complete the kitchen cleaning list, remove all items from the event on the premises by the end of the rental period, including all event members & vendors (including equipment, decorations, centerpieces, excess garbage, boxes, food, beverages, keg(s), etc.) All cigarette butts must be in the ashtrays.  The kitchen clean up list must be completed by the caterer. The Antheia Ballroom must be in the condition prior to your event. Antheia Ballroom must reserve the right to dispose as it sees fit of anything left on the premises. The Client will be charged if there are significant costs involved in the disposal and or clean-up of the premises. Excessive garbage will be assessed at more than 64 gallons. 64 gallons is the equivalent to half of the dumpster or 2 garbage cans. Should the ballroom staff find an excess of garbage left behind, a fee will be taken from the Security Deposit. It is recommended to share this information with your caterer. Typically 64 gallons is sufficient for an event but is it up to the Client to manage their excess garbage. All boxes must be completely broken down and laid flat within dumpster or garbage can.

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