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Picking Flavors for Your Wedding Cake

I was at a wedding recently where an elderly guest comment to her tablemate, “As soon as I get my coffee and cake I’m out of here!”

I had to stifle a giggle behind my hand because it was so hilarious.

She didn’t mean that she didn’t like the reception, but she tired and really wanted some darn cake. Come on, we have all been there… can I get an amen? But I digress. My point is that there are people out there that the cake is the main event and they want to get it in their belly. So it is our goal to delight their taste buds with that little slice of heaven.

Wedding Cake

photo: karmadude

There are so many choices out there for the cake, filling, and frosting. It’s hard to know where to start. Let me give you an idea that a bride passed on to me a while ago. Her theory was that there were three categories that of people that needed to be considered: the traditionalist, the adventurous and herself/groom. Since her wedding would have three layers she decided each layer would have it’s own flavor. The base would serve the most people so she felt that was the place to play it safe (i.e. make those traditionalists happy) with a chocolate cake with vanilla buttercream filling. For the middle layer she sought to please the adventurous crowd. She chose a lemon poppyseed cake with homemade raspberry jam and suggested I give it a try. I have had a lot of wedding cake in my time as a wedding photographer and venue owner, and to this day it was hands down the best wedding cake I have ever had! To top the cake they make their layer Devils Food cake with Nutella buttercream. Nutella is their favorite snack and apparently they go through a jar every couple days. So what would make more sense that having their favorite snack as part of their first dessert as a married couple.


This is just one idea on how to approach selecting wedding cake flavors. We would love to hear your approach or what interesting flavors you have encountered.

photo by: karmadude