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Silk vs. Real Wedding flowers

Most couples only use silk flowers because of budgetary reasons, not because of how they look. That isn’t to say that there aren’t silk flowers out there that can make a great impression when used correctly, but most of the time they aren’t fooling their guests. Think of it this way… Jennifer Lawrence doesn’t want you to believe she is actually Katniss and fighting for her life; she just wants you to go along with it so you can enjoy the story. If we truly believed she was in danger, we wouldn’t be able to enjoy. The same goes with silk flowers.

An idea we have seen have much success is a mixture of real and silk flower.

Find places where it isn’t necessary for the real deal or will most likely get destroyed during the festivities (think petals for the aisle, arrangements that will line the aisle, or the toss bouquet). But here is the big advantage of using silk flowers and why we are seeing them more often. If you have a specific type of flower that is either expensive or out of season but is very important to you, using a silk flower will help your budget and allow you to have the flower you have always dreamed of since you were a little girl. We give silk flowers a thumbs up when used creatively!


photo: tracie7779