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Sweet, Salty and Savory Late Night Wedding Snacks


Now we all know how jam packed your wedding reception can get once you start laying down your time line. With all the traditional events; bouquet toss, cutting the cake, first dance, toasts etc. you may feel overwhelmed. Here is one new trendy idea that will ensure you get to enjoy the fabulous event you are throwing for not only your guest but you too! The Late Night Snack is sure to be a slamming hit and you won’t want to miss it at your wedding. Take a mini break and savor these yummy treats.

Who doesn’t want a delicious snack in the middle of the night? You and your guests have been dancing all night; it’s been hours since dinner, and the fabulous wedding cake, gave you a bit of a sugar high. What you need now to fulfill your palate is a late night bite to eat! Your guests will be ecstatic when you bring out these surprise novelty snacks they love and adore!

You can either fill their tummies with these heavenly creations and send them on home to bed, or give them the energy jolt they need to celebrate with you all night long! You can even have certain items prepackaged for guests to take with them on their way out. This way they will have a tasty little indulgence to enjoy on the way home. Just make sure to follow these important simple rules when planning what style of delights you want to serve up at your wedding.

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First rule

of thumb when planning the menu for these scrumptious treats is to think mini. When it comes to fun foods late at night, mini is always better! Don’t forget it’s not a full meal, just a light midnight appetizer. Okay maybe not “light” I should say, but definitely small portions! These snacks aren’t usually the most calorie friendly, but if you keep them small, it’s a perfect way to have a few mouthfuls of those decadent sinful flavors to satisfy your cravings.


decide whether you are going to do sweet, savory or both. My advice is to always keep it simple! Pick one or two snack options and definitely no more than three. It’s nice to do a one starter of a salty bite and finish up with one sweet treat. We don’t want to overwhelm everyone with too many options so late at night. After a few drinks, people may be very enthralled with your menu and forget to get back to the celebration !!!!



pick items that go with your wedding theme, or something that is special to you. If you are doing a fun laid back vintage wedding go with something like caramel apple wedges and fresh cooked salty buttery popcorn. At an elegant chic reception pull out all the stops with passed sophisticated versions of french-fries and mini burgers. Then follow it up with a shooter glass filled with mocha coffee and a yummy mini donut! If you are doing a rustic outdoor wedding, invite your favorite taco truck to stop by and serve up delicious and fresh mini tacos with chips and salsa!


If you want to add a bit of curiosity to the night let your guests know you have a special surprise for them towards the end of the night. Or that you are serving up something delicious at the after party. This will make your midnight snacks an event to look forward too! Put the axe on late night munchies, with mouth watering and classic combinations.


No matter what version you pick, this novelty idea will get you

mucho bonus points from all of your guests!


Mmmmmmm, pancakes!
Yum, I’m starved after writing this blog, is it midnight snack time yet?