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DIY Indian Vow Renewal

Christine and Christopher faced a dilemma when they got married a few years back. They wanted to start their married life as soon as possible but didn’t have a budget to throw a big party for their wedding. They decided to have a small ceremony with family and a couple friends and planned on having the wedding they dreamed of a few years down the road. Well that road led to a beautiful day in July when they came to the ballroom to renew their vows to one another in an event with tons of color and flair! You only have to talk to Christine for a few moments...

Disney Main Street Themed Wedding

Teresa and Matt had a fabulous idea for their wedding. They actually brought the idea of being a Disney princess to life by hosting a Disney themed wedding. As it turns out Teresa was a HUGE Disney fan and her favorite part about going to Disneyland was walking down Main Street. So it only made sense that they would use that as their inspiration as they decorated the ballroom for their big day. Their tables featured light blue, organza overlays to offset the soft pink and white centerpieces. The combination of hydrangeas and roses helped set the mood which was enhanced by candles that were lit for the reception....

Autumn and Burlap

Julie and Tyler were a wonderful couple who had one of the cutest weddings I was at this year. But I wasn’t surprised when they showed up and decked the ballroom out… the decor matched exactly who they are. They are a hard working couple with kiddos that are very involved in activities and even though they are going a million miles an hour, they never forget to smile and laugh. They really embraced the fall with tier flowers and personal touches. the combination of dahlias, mums and other flowers with great textures and colors created a softer centerpiece than roses could provide. I was also a big fan...

White bridal bouquet

I feel that I need preface this post by saying that this is from an artist… ok, photographer with opinions…perspective. Okay, here is my real opinion… Don’t have an all white bridal bouquet! photo: Katsunojiri photo: drewcarls I have a good reason so hear me out before you shut me down. If you choose to have white flowers and a white dress the flowers just blend into the dress. There is no pop and in some instances it can make the dress color look weird. It’s just blah, and no one wants to pay $150 for blah. The remedy: COLOR! I’m not saying that you can’t use any white...

Winter Wonderland

November marked a very busy time for the ballroom because we are so perfect for fall/winter weddings. Brittany and Jeff made some really cool design choices and even needed to come in the day before their wedding to decorate. Normally when couples need to do this it is the bride with a couple friends. When I opened the doors to greet them, I was met with more than 30 people ready to help set up the ballroom for the happy couple. I started the day by getting all their rental items ready, including our chair covers with Royal Blue chair ties. It takes a while to get the hang...